An important page of human history is turning presently. We have to decide in which direction. Learning to build relationships instead of producing goods, connecting from our heart, celebrating what brings us together and welcoming the Life we are, those are avenues we could explore together. The activation of the Flower of Life Grid is a way to move towards these goals. Here's how ...

It is possible to embrace a new way of being and acting in the world. The intelligence of the heart can now take precedence over rational intelligence. The tools and resources of our Sacred Heart are now available.

Sacred geometry is a gift we can all add to our lifes and enjoy together. Welcome to the network of the future, the network of the Heart.

Translation of this website is under way. Feel free to contact us if you would like to help.



Un weekend de méditation avec la géométrie sacrée

Samedi 24/3/12
Dimanche 25/3/12
De 9h00 à 17h00

Fleur de Vie
Niveau 1

à Bruxelles

Programmation de cristaux
Ancrage de la géométrie sacrée

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